Can An Air Purifier Improve Your Health?

Air pollution can cause or worsen respiratory symptoms, says pulmonologist Rachel Taliercio, DO. Airborne toxins are irritants that can impact your breathing, cough, upper airway congestion and possibly heart disease.

How can air purifiers boost your health?

Air purifiers filter out fine particles in the air, in short they help clean the air we breath thus lessening the potential negative effects of pollution.

One small-scale study of 35 Chinese college students found that the devices improved air quality, reducing levels and lung functions among the students. Another study found that indoor HEPA air filters improved respiratory health in those with asthma.

Although, there isn’t any long-term recorded data that points to air purifiers reducing strokes, hearth attacks or death rates, it’s safe to say that clean air is something we should all strive for. The air quality has changed dramatically from how it was decades ago, and will continue to change due to pollution, toxic waste, and many other factors.

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