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Whole House Air Purifier

Looking to remove contaminants from the air you breath? Invest into a whole house purifier they are great at reducing and eliminating second-hand smoke and improving the air quality of your home. Air purifiers are especially beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics. We can make the installation easy breeze so you can start living better one breath at a time.

Heating Repair
Heating Repair

Heating Repair Furnace Installations Furnace Repairs and Tune-Ups Heat Pumps Thermostats Central Heating Furnace and Boiler Repair Gas Furnace Repair and Installation Electric Furnace Repair and Installation Carbon Monoxide Detectors

HVAC Installation
HVAC Replacement & Installation

Quick and optimized installation by licensed professionals.We work with our customers to design an air conditioning system for their home that is as efficient as they desire at the most competitive rates around, detailing all available options along the way.When getting your entire system replaced it’s important to go with a company that you trust. We have years of experience and will give you an honest quote with full transparency about all available options.

Air Filtration

Air filters protect the general well-being of your household but the benefits don't stop there. Air filters protect the decor of your home by removing the staining portion of airborne dust, they reduce maintenance of building interiors by reducing the frequency of washing items such as blinds and bulbs. Air filters also protect paintings, tapestries and other items of historic or cultural value. The role of air filters goes as far as eliminating potential hazards by removing lint and materials which can accumulate in ductwork, also can help prevent postoperative infection by removing airborne bacteria from operating rooms! While you might not be performing surgery in your home it is necessary to have your air filters changed regularly. Left Coast Air can help you choose the best fit for your home and install it so you don't have to lift a finger.

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Preventative AC Maintenance

Poor A/C and heating maintenance practices can increase energy use by 30 to 60 percent!According to studies from The New Buildings Institute found that maintaining your existing heating and air conditioning systems is crucial to extending its life and reduce energy use by 10-20%.Maintenance is especially crucial when living in an area with extreme weather where your A/C is constantly working overtime, maintaining your existing heating and A/C system adds valuable years to its life.For a low price Left Coast will periodically service your system to extend its lifespan, we will inspect the filters, secure connections and lubricate moving parts.To schedule one of our technicians to come to do a tune up on your system call 888-958-4822.

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Air Conditioning Repairs

When it comes to air conditioning repairs we got you covered. There are many reasons why an AC goes out and that’s why it’s best to rely on an experienced air conditioning service professional to determine the extent of the repairs needed. Poor lubrication & general wear and tear, leaks, dust & age, electrical issues, or a faulty installation are among the common reasons why an AC might break. However, using the wrong size air conditioning unit for your home, insufficient air flow, uneven cooling, incorrect refrigerant charge among other underlying reasons can contribute to the destruction of your air conditioner. Call us for a free estimate, we will make sure your AC is back up and running in no time.

A Full Suite of HVAC Services with Left Coast Air

At Left Coast Air, we’re committed to keeping homes and businesses across Southern California comfortable and temperature-controlled all year round. Our team of skilled professional technicians is proud to provide HVAC services and solutions our customers can count on no matter what the weather outside may be.


When it comes to meeting the needs of our customers, the full heating and air condition services we provide at Left Coast Air get the job done right every time. We handle everything from small equipment repairs and furnace tune-ups to air conditioning installation.

We confidently take on HVAC services of all kinds and never shy away from a challenge. From comprehensive heating services to AC installation, we help keep our customers comfortable in all types of temperature fluctuations.


Our professional team has the knowledge, experience, and passion for the job to tackle anything our customers might be facing. We can help with regular maintenance needs, repair requests, and air conditioning services, including installation, tune-ups, and replacements.


No matter what make, model, or size of air conditioning unit you have, we’re here to assist you. Our skilled HVAC installation and services technicians have experience handling systems of all kinds. 

When it’s time for an inspection, new system installation, or a simple tune-up, our team is only a call away. While we serve customers during normal business hours for routine inspections, we also provide emergency repairs outside of normal business hours.


At Left Coast Air, we also recommend our customers take time to schedule regular maintenance on their HVAC systems. Having our technicians perform air and heating services on a preventative basis can help you avoid costly problems down the road.

Turn to Left Coast Air For All of Your Service Needs

Those who trust Left Coast Air to keep their homes and businesses comfortable throughout the year are never disappointed. Our friendly and experienced technicians pay attention to the details that matter most no matter what service we’re providing.


When it comes to heating installation and AC upgrades, we have you covered. We can help customers with installing brand-new systems whenever they’re required.


We also assist with upgrading systems that our customers currently have in place. A new HVAC system is often a step up technologically, which greatly improves overall unit function and can cut down on energy cost. That way, with a new system, you’re saving money and the environment at the same time! 


If you’re in need of repairs, replacements, or inspections, we can tackle it all. Our technicians are happy to come out and inspect your furnace, air conditioner, or other HVAC system(s) to make sure they’re properly functioning all year long. If we notice any issues, our techs take the time to create customized maintenance plans with customers in order to make sure that replacements last as long as possible.

Expect Ease and Accessibility with Left Coast Air

Heating and air conditioning services can seem daunting to homeowners and business owners alike considering the size, significance, and cost of most of these systems. When problems arise or regular maintenance is necessary for your unit, the last thing you want is to deal with a complicated service process.


At Left Coast Air, we work hard to make sure our customers enjoy a seamless and straightforward repair, replacement, and maintenance process every time they schedule an appointment with us. No matter what your service needs may be, we’re always available to provide more information on our full list of high-quality HVAC repair and service options. 

It all starts with your free consultation. Once you give us a call, a friendly and informative team member will take time to thoroughly understand your situation and possible service needs.


From here, we walk each customer through our service options and explain how the repair, maintenance, or installation process works. This gives our customers a chance to consider their choices and pick from a line-up of services that will best fit their preferences and needs.


Next, it’s time to schedule an official appointment. Our technicians will come by at your earliest convenience to perform high-quality HVAC services as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each of our technicians is highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable. For our customers, this means you get great service and great results in a quick appointment that’s minimally disruptive to your day!

Air Conditioning and Heating Installation Technician

What You Can Expect When You Partner with Left Coast Air

We understand that keeping a Southern California home or business temperature-regulated throughout the year is vital to the welfare of residents and employees alike. That’s why at Left Coast Air we take the task of providing top-quality HVAC installation, repairs, and services very seriously.


We’re happy to provide our customers with free estimates before we carry out services. This provides complete pricing and service transparency before we ever arrive at your door!


Our team of qualified technicians is certified and fully dedicated to maintaining professional installation standards at all times. We’re confident in the 100% satisfaction guarantee we offer our customers because we provide only the best top-quality yet affordable products, which are installed by expert and experienced technicians.


When you pair our quality services with our famously excellent customer service, the difference is clear. It’s easy to see why customers who come to us once partner with us for years and years to come!


We provide quality services for every type of HVAC installation and repair. It’s our priority to treat customers and their families like we do our own. Whether customers call us for maintenance, repairs, replacements, installation, or emergency services, they can expect the same level of expertise and dedication to great results every time.

Contact Us!

Keeping your Southern California home or business comfortable is what we’re all about at Left Coast Air. We’re a premier provider of HVAC installation and AC services that offers superior results.


When you need maintenance, a replacement, or would like an inspection to make sure your current systems are working and in good shape, Left Coast Air is the right choice.


Give us a call today to speak with one of our friendly representatives and enjoy your free consultation. We’ll help you schedule an appointment at a time that works for you!

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